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"E-Book" Creation Services
From JDD Publishing Company

Are you writing an information product? Before you take it to the printer, consider all your options!

Rather than go the traditional route and pay for printing, binding and shipping, consider our new e-book format! Once your e-book is created, you sell it over and over. This means pure profit with no ongoing hassles.

Here are two examples of books we've created in this new and professional format:

  • A Beginners Guide to Starting a High-Income Business on the Internet! Download for free and see this exciting format!

  • Internet Email Beyond the Basics. A Complete Guide to Cheap and Powerful Email Marketing. Details here.

There are many ways to create an e-book. Of all the options we've researched, none come close to the results we've manage to get from a program called NeoBook. The powerful applications of NeoBook, combined with our in-house design capabilities, means just the right mix to create powerful, attractive e-books.

If you would like your writing displayed in this new format, we'll tackle the entire project. When it's complete, you'll have a single ".exe", or executable file that customers can download from your website. Your e-book can include such multimedia components as images, audio, internet links and much more! And best of all, the cost is much lower than you would imagine.

For a free quote, contact our professional staff editor at editor@bizweb2000.com today! Just tell us a little about your project and you can be selling your e-books in no time.

Best regards,
Jim Daniels


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