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Hi Jim,

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In today's issue...

"Blogging Exposed" by Jim Daniels

There are millions of blogs online today and everyone is practically tripping over each other to start their own. In fact, recent estimates show a new blog being started every second of every day!

The sad fact is, The average blog has a lifespan as long as a house fly - 30 days.

So why are millions of people starting blogs?

The answer is... the lure of making money. Most new bloggers think blogging might be the magic bullet they have been missing to make money on the Internet for the first time.

Before you join the fray and start your own blog, read this issue of the BizWeb eGazette. You'll discover that there are really only two good reasons to start a blog.

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FACT: Some 70% of blogs are abandoned within weeks after starting them. Does this number surprise you?

It doesn't surprise me at all. Here's why...

Most blogs are started with the intention of making money. Within a few days these new bloggers realize that blogging is going to become work. After all, it takes time and effort to post meaningful content to your blog.

A week or two goes by and the new blogger realizes the money is just not flowing in. The blogger weighs the time it takes to post to their blog, the fact that they have not earned a dime yet, and writes it off to another pipe-dream.

This is the bad side of blogging. It is not the Holy Grail of Internet money-making. It takes work to maintain a blog and even more work to get traffic to your blog. Not only that, you need a way to convert some of that traffic into money, and that is something else that eludes many bloggers.

So if blogging is work, and it is not the easy road to riches you hoped it was, why in the world should you even consider starting a blog?

While a blog can be used for lots of things such as customer support, internal company memos, etc., in my opinion there are really only two reasons the average person, with hopes of making money, should start a blog.

Reason #1 for starting a blog... sharing your passion.

A blog is the perfect way to share your expertise on a subject near and dear to your heart. Through your blog you can inform and educate people about something you are passionate about. Since a blog is so simple to start, it can be the quickest way to get your ideas and information to the public.

Notice I did not mention the word money in that paragraph above. That's because the best blogs on the Internet are blogs  started by someone who would keep it up if they never made any money at it. That's because the topic of the blog is a passion for the blogger. They have a genuine interest in the subject matter. They also are likely to be a true expert in what they write about (or become one in the process!) and their expertise shows.

When a blog is started for this reason, the blogger finds that readers come back over and over to see what the blogger will say next. By sharing their expertise willingly and generously, the blogger is able to succeed in getting visitors and repeat visitors.

The next logical step is easy. If the blogger wants to be compensated for their time, they implement a variety of strategies to monetize their blog.

With a steady flow of loyal readers, monetizing a blog is not that difficult. Loyal readers are usually quite willing to pull out their credit card to buy a product the blogger recommends. (Via a affiliate link of course!) They would also be very likely to click on a Google ad (via an adsense account) or subscribe to a newsletter. It is all so easy when the blog is kept up to date with useful information.

So as you can see, by starting a blog with the right intentions, a blog has an excellent chance at being successful and lucrative!

(More after this important message.)

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Reason #2 for starting a blog... search engine positioning.

Blogs have proven to be one of the best tools available for improving search engine positioning. In fact, when done correctly, a blog can sharply increase the search engine positioning of an existing, non-blog site.

Here's how a blog can "transfer" improved search engine ranking onto an existing website...

When blogging on a network with an established presence, search engines (Google in particular) give regularly updated blogs serious spider activity. Therefore, simply by linking out to your main website(s) from your blog, your other sites will gain increased spider activity. If your blog network is a good community with a solid reputation, your links can result in substantially improved ranking for keywords of your choice.

I decided to try this for myself recently and it worked quite well. A friend of mine, Duncan Carver runs a blogging network with a great reputation in the search engines. So I grabbed an account and set up an Internet marketing blog of my own using his established system. It took me about 15 minutes to set up, then I made a few posts over a 3 1/2 week period. Each post I made contained a link or two out from the blog to this site you are at now, as well as a few others.

Before I put up the blog, my site was sitting at #41 for the highly competitive term Internet Marketing. As I write this issue, just about three weeks later, this site has already moved up to #16 for that term. Since I've had no other efforts in place, I can directly attribute that improvement to Duncan's blogging system.

If you would like to get more information on this process, read about Duncan's worm farming project at his appropriately named, "betterthanbacklinks" blogging network. It is a system that is working well for many marketers and one I can vouch for personally. It works particularly well if you are trying to get a new site indexed.

In closing...

I'm confident you can use blogging to increase your income on the Internet, if you go into blogging for the right reasons.

In my opinion, the two best reasons for blogging are to share information on something you are passionate about, or to increase the search engine ranking of an existing website.

 Ideally you could combine reason number one and reason number two from this newsletter, and maximize your blog's effectiveness.

Well, that's it for today's gazette. See ya in a few weeks...

Jim Daniels - Creator of ezWebBusinessBuilder - the world's first View it and Do It software for profiting from the web.

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