How Many Jello Shots Does It Take to Erase a Bad Day at Work?

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I play in a Wednesday night card league at a local pub.

It’s low stakes hi-lo Jack, a lot of fun — except when we play against Kevin and Mike.

These two are big drinkers. In fact, as soon as they sat down they ordered — get this — 20 jello shots!

I was floored. Thank God they weren’t driving.

Anyway, after about shot 6 they started talking about work.

One guy works for the other, the boss of the company.

And they hate it. I mean with a passion.

They’ve worked together many years and they’re both ‘stuck’ – especially the boss.

It really got me thinking…

What makes a person do something day after day, year after year, that they hate so much?

Is it because it’s all they know and they’re not willing to learn anything else?

Hmmm… I guess that’s what kept me stuck in my old job before I found a better way to live.

A way to grow an income from home that replaced my job.

Looking back, I should have done it years sooner.

If you are stuck or know someone else who is, tell them there are options online.

It’s not that difficult really.

The best strategy I’ve found is to take something you’re passionate about and help others online with similar interests.

I have all the steps laid out at:

I just updated the training again and dropped the price significantly – so it’s within reach for everyone!

In fact, I almost told the two drunks about it, but I don’t think they would have remembered in the morning anyway.

Hey, have a great weekend. Do something fun with someone you love.

Jim Daniels
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