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In today's issue...

Employees: "Do You Have A Back-Up Plan?"

My wife and I were in line at the supermarket yesterday and we struck up a conversation with the woman in front of us. She had just moved from Michigan because of the severely depressed economy there.

It got me thinking. Are my subscribers aware of this emerging work place reality?  I'm referring to the growing amount of insecurity in the American (and other countries!) workplace.

Maybe it is time you put together a back-up plan...

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The hard truth is, job security is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I'm not just talking about losing jobs to layoffs and business closings, which is happening at an alarming rate in some regions.

I'm also referring to a new new trend that has emerged... outsourcing.

Many employers are starting to outsource more and more of the work that was traditionally performed by employees. This work is going to freelancers and other "micro-businesses" with zero to 10 employees.

One factor forcing this trend is today's high speed of technology change. The necessary expertise to perform certain functions can literally change from year to year. In many cases it's simply easier and cheaper to hire different people on a limited time basis instead of continuously having one employee trying to keep up with all the different tricks of the trade.

This trend will have far reaching consequences for today's workforce. Even the more experienced employees will have to stay sharp. They can't sit on their laurels anymore because they will continuously have to prove their worth in new situations, more now than ever before.

Some consider this outsourcing trend a huge threat to their career. The truth is, they probably should.

If you are an employee, even a top-notch worker, it is time that YOU started developing a back-up plan. After all, it is YOUR future that is at stake.

So what kind of backup plan can you put together? Here's what many savvy employees across the globe are doing....

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One way many folks are adapting to this outsourcing phenomenon is by taking the opportunity to start their own business. Many do this part-time while still working on their day job.

Many of these newborn entrepreneurs start businesses that perform a function that was formerly performed by an employee. Sometimes people even come back to their original employer who has now become their customer!

One thing's for sure, running your own business can earn you FAR more money than being an employee.

This raises questions for many people who currently hold a job. Which functions will continue to be performed by employees and which jobs might eventually be outsourced?

It would be hard if not impossible to make an easy distinction at most companies. It usually depends on many different factors like: the importance of the job for that particular business, as well as the ability to attract the right people.

If you can identify some possible outsourcing needs at your company, you can be sure other companies in your arena have those same or similar needs. Perhaps you could fill them? Why not start looking at starting your own business on a part-time basis.

Or, if you a hobby that interests you, why not consider starting a new business related to that interest. Nearly every hobby can be turned into a business, even online. Lots of people have turned their hobbies into an income source simply by promoting products and services in that niche as an affiliate.

Starting your own business offers many benefits that traditional employment does not. The number one benefit is that you can earn an income with virtually no limits. Plus, you can choose a niche that you are passionate about.

Have you ever noticed that the people making the most money are usually the folks who are passionate about what they are doing? Someone who puts their heart and soul into every aspect of their OWN business almost always earns the greatest rewards.

When you see someone with passion in their business, you will most likely see someone who is going to be around for quite a while or has already been around for a long time. I've noticed that this is a common denominator shared by many of the top marketing gurus today and it carries over to virtually all niches.

This brings me to my final point. There is no limit to the amount of ways that someone can make a living, especially with the emergence of the Internet, but you MUST choose a topic that is also part of your passion. Whether you choose to spin your new business venture off of your existing job, or you decide on a brand new niche, it MUST be something you are passionate about. This passion greatly increases the odds of a long and successful business of your OWN.

Why not take a few moments today and consider what you could start on a part-time basis in the new year. Ask questions at work. Take notice what jobs always seem hard to fill, and which jobs seem to pay higher and higher salaries. Find out which jobs are beginning to be outsourced. Once you start observing things from a new perspective, as a possible business owner, you may find a need and a way to fill it - with your own business!

See ya in a few weeks...
Jim Daniels

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New editor note: The movement continues to take root...

Did you know that is a single youtube channel that has received more than six million views since March, 2007? What could be so interesting, you ask? Here's a sample of Americas are watching so closely...


I urge you to do your own research. Make your own decisions. If you've had enough and want to help take back America, join the revolution. This may be our last chance.

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