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“Associate Goliath WordPress Plugin builds Amazon review sites in seconds…”

Did you know that 88% percent of people in the US now research products on their PC or smartphone before buying? And globally that number is 73% and growing fast.

Many of those people then go on to buy the product at the lowest price available – often at the world’s # 1 retailer —

Amazon did a whopping $88 Billion is sales in 2014. Every year their sales go up by about $15 Billion.

And you can get a slice of that pie by joining their free associate program right here.

You’ll then earn a cut called an advertising fee when people you refer buy a product. Will you get rich overnight? Doubtful. But you can add a steadily growing revenue stream by helping others make informed buying decisions.

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Here’s how it all happens…

Have you noticed that when you’re researching a product online you often end up on a blog like the one you’re reading now? Some experts believe that close to 80% of online purchases are channeled through blogs nowadays. People read about the experience someone had with a product or watch their video about it, and make a more educated decision. They then click a “Buy at Amazon” button and the blogger earns money.

Sounds easy, right? Build a blog and start earning.

Well, you need a few things in place to get the ball rolling. For instance, you need…

  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting account
  3. A niche to focus on
  4. WordPress and a responsive theme
  5. A lot of time to post content such as product reviews OR a tool that does it for you

Let’s go over each item quickly…

A domain name is no big deal. You can get one of those for about $10 a year from any domain registrar or web host.

You can get a web hosting account for less than $20 a month easily. JVZoo offers hosting with up to 10 domain names for just $15, and for $20 you can get unlimited everything.

A niche to focus your blog on, is simply something that interests you. For instance, I would register and build a blog around my favorite niche subject — golf. That’s my thing. Then I’d build one about Yellow Labs, they are my favorite dog. In fact, mine is laying at my feet as I write this post.

As far as the WordPress blogging platform, that’s easy. It comes with your web hosting for free. You just install it via cPanel with a few clicks. (My ezWebBusinessBuilder2 course covers it in detail in you want a walk-through.)

Once you have WordPress installed, you need a theme to give your site a professional layout. Just make sure it is a responsive theme so your site will look good on mobile devices. That’s a must if you want traffic from Google nowadays. A really good premium theme will cost you about $50 or so but there are free themes available here that can do the job nicely.

Once you have your theme installed on WordPress all you need is content, usually in the form of product reviews. This is where all the heavy lifting usually comes in. Writing posts that review products and linking to Amazon can be time consuming. And it’s a lot of manual labor that is not rewarded if not done correctly.

Rather than go through this process manually, many Amazon associates now turn to WordPress plugins to do the heavy lifting. A plugin called Associate Goliath from George Katsoudas, aka the Greek Geek can add up to 100 Amazon products at a time, complete with review video and your amazon referral link.

If I could be an Amazon associate, I would be ALL OVER THIS new WordPress plugin. Unfortunately I live in Rhode Island, so I’m not allowed to be an Amazon Associate. It’s that darn Nexus tax thingie.

And if you live in Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, N.Carolina, Missouri, or Vermont you probably can’t either.

But for those of you who are lucky enough to be allowed into Amazon’s associate program, Associate Goliath can build you video-based Amazon moneys site in 49 seconds flat…

[x] Without doing product research
[x] Without writing content
[x] Without worrying about traffic
[x] Without having tech skills

Thousands of affiliate marketers are using now it, as everything is extremely push-button and simple to use.

Watch the video on this page to see how it works.

As for me, I’m stuck recommending products and services on Clickbank and JVZoo for now. And that’s OK, it’s been super-profitable for me and I can do it all from this one site.

But the first plugin I buy when I move out of Rhode Island next year, with be Associate Goliath!

P.S. [IMPORTANT] If you decide to try Associate Goliath!, here’s a 15% discount coupon you can use.

The coupon code is: jim15

It also works on the two OTO’s (an optional developers license and traffic package).

To your success online!
Jim Daniels

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