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In today's issue...

Why Pay for Website Traffic, When You Can Do This...

OK, so you want to earn money online. No matter what venture you decide on, one fact will not go away -- you're going to need lots of website traffic. Real traffic, from interested BUYERS..

Today's gazette will sow you how to get them without paying a dime.

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While there are lots of ways to get that high-quality website traffic, most methods are quite COSTLY. If you have a good sized advertising budget you can just pay for your traffic. Google and Yahoo both offer pay per click advertising that can deliver high quality, targeted visitors to just about any site.

But what if you do NOT have much of an advertising budget?
Can you still get the high-quality website traffic that generates income?


In fact, you can get even HIGHER quality traffic than "paid-for" traffic. It just takes a little longer.

I've generated literally millions of visitors to my websites over the years -- visitors that buy my products and recommended affiliate products. Here's how...

It all started with writing articles. I started writing some basic articles about my area of interest, Internet marketing. I then shared the articles strategically, using them to grow a large newsletter subscriber base. Finally, I developed my subscriber base into a source of never-ending, high-quality traffic. A subscriber base built via articles can be cultivated in many ways, and can be used to grow even more traffic and sales.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though, let's get you started with article writing...

Article writing can be a daunting task for some, while others find a great deal of pleasure in writing. When someone gets started with articles, they find out the most difficult part is actually starting the writing process. That's why I want to introduce you to... drum roll please......

"Speed Writing 101"

Speed writing 101 will show you how to do a complete article in less than an hour!

1. Choose your topic.

Assuming that you are well versed in the topic for your article, (if you are not, just use the web to research the topic!) you must first determine the question or problem you want to solve with your article. If you are in need of a topic, search the web using keywords from your niche and see what kinds of questions people are asking in the forums.

2. "Speed" Outlining.

Once you know what is causing your readers problems, start your article with the intention of solving their problem. The easiest way to start is with an outline for your article. Use these headers to guide you:

a. State the problem - and promise a solution. (Just jot down quick notes at this stage.)

b. Outline the process for solving the problem. Divide this into 3-5 logical steps. Label each step (this will become a sub-heading in your article).

c. Jot down points you want to make in your conclusion. This can be advice on how get started solving right away, or you can share links to resources that can help. End on a positive note that leaves the reader feeling glad that they took time to read your advice.  

(Continued after this important message.)

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3. "Speed" Writing Your First Draft.

Once your outline is done, start writing the first draft. Spend an extra few minutes on the first paragraph. This is where your reader will decide whether or not to continue reading. Your job is to show that you understand exactly what their problem is and to sound confident that you can help them solve it. Don't use long-winded sentences or ramble on about how awful it is - just get to the point. By the end of the first half-dozen sentences, your reader should want to read on and find out the solution.

Each of your 3-5 sub-headings should clearly indicate what the following paragraphs are about. Remember that many readers skim-read an article to see if it's worth reading. Look at the words you've chosen - can you rephrase these headings to make the whole process sound simpler or faster?

Under each sub-heading, write two or three paragraphs on the part of the problem-solving strategy you are outlining. Use a friendly, casual tone. The best "how to" articles use simple language and everyday terminology. Make it all as easy as possible for your reader to follow.

The ending is just as important as the opening paragraph. It's vital not to let the article fizzle out in a weak conclusion. You need to leave your reader feeling inspired, energized and confident that they can follow your advice and fix the problem. You can do this by reminding them of the following...

- tell them how much time/energy/money they will save by following your advice
- share a 'secret' of some kind that will help them move on to the next step (be more successful, save even more time, etc)
- point them at further help or resources. (These can be provided by you and your web site, or by others who have a level of expertise.)

4. Tweak and Polish.

By now you should have excellent substance for your article. If you can afford to take fifteen minutes out at this stage for a cup of coffee or a quick walk, do so. It's always better to take a break before editing your work. If not, just start reading it from the beginning. Check for these things:

a. Spelling and grammar. Your computer should do most of the work here, but a computer can miss typos or offer strange advice when it comes to grammar. You need to read it through yourself for flow and overall impact.

b. Wordy sentences or phrases. Weed them out!

c. Badly-phrased advice. If a sentence doesn't flow, write it again. Think of how you'd explain to someone else in a casual conversation. Does your writing reflect this?

d. Missing steps. When you're familiar with a process, or trouble-shooting, it's easy to leave out a step or a small but vital piece of information. Run over the whole process in your mind to make sure you haven't left anything out.

Now you should have a finished article that will prove both interesting and helpful to many of your readers.

Tying it all together..

Of course, just as important as writing the article, is publishing the article. Publishing simply means "making available to the public". If you do it correctly, you'll reap rewards beyond your wildest expectations. Here's how I publish my articles for maximum exposure...

In closing...

My own phenomenal results have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that writing high quality, compelling articles is a great way to drive targeted traffic to a website. People love to be informed and entertained, and above all they love to learn from others willing to share their personal experiences.

Publishing articles online drives an automatic and continuous stream of traffic to the author's site. In fact, most authors find that article writing has a 'residual value' for their site and business. The articles written drive traffic to the site and business long after the author has written the article and forgotten about it.

So what are you waiting for? Get started publishing your own articles today, with this proven fast-start formula.

That's it for today's gazette. See you in a couple weeks.

To your success,
Jim Daniels
JDD Publishing Co.

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