An Unfortunate Way to Get Cash

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Ever see those commercials that say, “If you took X drug and had adverse affects, you could be entitled to cash awards.”

image1465484782Every time I see those commercials I feel terrible for anyone who trusted the company that sold those drugs.

Sure, they may get a little money but the price is unfathomable.

That’s exactly why I avoid prescription drugs at all cost.

I realize there is a place for them, but anytime something ails me I research natural remedies on the web for hours on end.

I research the science behind why certain natural remedies work so well, then before I try them I read lots of customer reviews on Amazon and other sites.

As a result I feel great most of the time despite my age creeping up on me.

supplementsI take probiotics for my sketchy, lactose intolerant stomach.

I take glucosamine and chodroitin to keep my knees and other joints pain-free (old sports related issues).

I take high doses of vitamin C with Lysine and Proline to keep my arteries clear. (I learned that trick in this book written by one of my subscribers.)

And I take orange peel extract when my occasional heartburn flares up.

So why am I telling you all this?

No, not to get you to buy those supplements.

I just want you to see how millions of people like myself now go about treating themselves for common and even uncommon ailments.

In fact, there are now 10 million monthly searches being performed for wellness related terms.

That makes the wellness info niche one of the best markets start or grow a business in.

If this is something that interests you, here’s a great mega-pack of PLR content you can use…

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