Am I cheap because I buy used _____?

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My kids laughed at me for this, maybe you will too. And that’s OK. Really, I won’t mind.
Here’s the scoop… I was surfing around ebay on my smart phone and I just bought 3 dozen…

…”used” golf balls! That’s right, used golf balls.

Hey, I play a lot of golf – at least 2-3 times a week. And golf balls are expensive. The ones I like, PROV1X cost fifty bucks a dozen!

So instead of paying premium prices, I get mint, AAAAA rated used balls for $20 a dozen on ebay.

They look and play just like brand-new and some of them were hit maybe once.

Tell me, is that being cheap?

Personally, I just consider myself thrifty. I’d rather spend the extra $30 on a dinner out. Plus it doesn’t bother me as much now when I hit a ball into the woods or a pond.

Hey, what do kids know about money anyway, other than how to spend it?

If you’re thrifty like me, you need to know about one more thing I like to get for pennies on the dollar…

… Premium plugins for my WordPress site.

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You certainly don’t have to use them all, but I recommend you at least check them out so you know what you’re missing!


Read Later? Download a PDF of this Post to Save or Print
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