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         January 12, 2007                         Today's circulation: 152,220

Hi Jim,

"Dang, Jim, you wrote the report I wish I had! This is jam-packed with the best start-up information a person could have. Step-by-step info for anyone to start with and build with. Kudos on an excellent product!

Regards, Chris Upson

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In today's issue...

Affiliate Marketing "Behind the Scenes"

As someone who works both ends of affiliate programs, I have a distinct advantage over many businesses. I not only manage my own affiliate program, I also promote products and services as an affiliate.

Both ends of the spectrum are quite profitable for me, each generating thousands of dollars a week in income.

While I could share lots of information about running a successful affiliate program, I suspect about 25x as many BizWeb eGazette subscribers need more help on the other end -- that is, earning money as an affiliate.

Today I want to share some behind the scenes information that reveals how top affiliates make tons of sales...

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Contrary to popular belief, most successful affiliates do not have high-traffic websites. Sure, some of them do, but most super-affiliates are doing it with email marketing.

It all starts with collecting leads. No, not leads in the sense that many people think. You can't go out and buy theses leads. You can't even rent them. You have to gather them all on your own.

While that sounds like a daunting task, it really isn't. The best news of all, is that you can collect your leads all in one place, and use them to automatically promote ALL the affiliate products and services you promote. Here's how it is done from scratch...

Step 1: Decide what niche you want to be in.

Find an area of interest, something you want to be involved with. Once you have a few ideas, make sure there are at least handful of affiliate programs available in that niche. You can use my
affiliate program search engine if you want. Just enter your area of interest in the search box and see what programs come up. Check them out and make sure they pay a fair commissions, such as 30% or more on sales. There is no cost to do join affiliate programs, so sign up for the all affiliate programs you may want to promote, and save the links you get from each program.

Step 2: Find an irresistible book you can give away.

That's right, forget about selling anything for now. Instead, search the web for a book in your area of interest, that you can give away. Many "private label rights" depositories have books on a wide variety of topics. An ebook in your niche may be easier to find than you think. Try InfoGoRound and
SureFireWealth - they are two I use. If you simply cannot locate an ebook in your niche, then sit down for a few hours and write a short manual using Microsoft Word. Answer a few pressing questions you see people asking about in your niche. When done, convert your Word file to a PDF file and it is an ebook. You can use a program like the one at to convert it into a PDF document, which really is the best form for an ebook these days. When your little manual/ebook is done, have a virtual cover designed for it. That is an important step so you can show off your finished product at your site. More people will download it if you have a professional cover. (My friend Heather Colman does a great job at a fair price.)

Step 3: Grab a domain name and put up a one page website.

That's right, a one page website will do the trick. All you need is a single page that gives away your ebook. First grab a domain name that contains a word or two about your niche. For instance, if you plan to promote bass fishing products, register something like - there are lots of reasons for this and I'll get into them in a future issue. As far as the website, you can do it yourself with a program like nvu which is a WYSIWYG (stands of what you see is what you get) web design program with lots of templates available. If you're not capable of putting together a simple site, that's OK. You can hire someone to do it for you. Try for reasonable rates and a nice selection of templates. Remember, the entire goal of the web page should be to get visitors to grab your free ebook. Keep the site simple and professional looking. You'll need web hosting for the site which you can get anywhere for about $10 - $15 a month.

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Step 4: Write a series of helpful email messages that will be sent to everyone who downloads your book.

This is easier than it sounds. Ideally, you'll want about 20-30 messages, but you can start with a handful in the beginning. The email messages should sound friendly and personal. Write like you are writing to a friend. Some of the messages should simply say, "Hey, how's it going? Do you have any questions for me?" Encourage them to contact you. Forming relationships is fast and easy with email and it grows business. Other messages will tell them about something they may be able to use. (Using your affiliate links of course!) You see how this works? It's really quite simple, and extremely effective. Over the course of a month you'll share a half dozen different products and services with them, that are directly related to their area of interest. You'll also get to know lots of potential future customers!

Step 5: Grab an autoresponder account.

An autoresponder will do all that follow-up work explained above. It will also allow you to paste a simple subscribe form on your site, that triggers your follow-up series of email messages. Once you have your account, load your series of helpful email messages in. Be sure to personalize each message with the first name of each person who downloaded your ebook. This is a feature that is easily implemented with either of these recommended autoresponder services... WBW Aweber

Step 6: Start the flow of traffic to your website.

The cheapest way to start generating traffic to your website is to write informative articles about your area of interest and send them to lots of email newsletter publishers in your niche. At the end of each article you write, include a blurb about you and your complimentary ebook, including your website address. There are lots of other ways to get website traffic but this is the cheapest. If you need more ideas, try some of my top 10 website traffic sources.

In closing...

As you can see, this is a step by step plan for growing affiliate profits. Your total investment is as little as $35 a month for website hosting and an autoresponder account. Of course, you'll need to invest some time to set things up, but once you have it all in place it can generate cash on a regular basis. And remember, as you locate new affiliate programs you can recommend the products and services to your growing list via a broadcast. As your list grows you can use it other ways. For instance, you may want to expand on your ebook and create a product of your own. This will allow you to do joint ventures with other list owners in your niche or a related niche. You promote their product or service as an affiliate, and they do the same for you! The possibilities are unlimited once you start growing your own opt-in list.

See ya in a few weeks...
Jim Daniels

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Closing message from a once-frustrated entrepreneur:

Hi Jim,

"I wish I had your EZ Web Business Builder two years ago. Like most people trying to build a home business I read all the ebooks, paid for courses on how to start an online living and got nowhere."

"In the last nine days I have built and up loaded a twenty nine page web site only working part time (evenings). I have learned more from your CD over the last week or so than the last two years reading ebooks, course etc. I would have gladly paid double or triple just for the time it saved me on that learning curve."

One happy chappy. Thanks for saving my day.
Ken Grey UK.


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