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In today's issue...

Getting Started the RIGHT Way with Affiliate Marketing...

A common question I get from my subscribers goes something like this... "I want to make some money online but have no product or service. Can I really generate some income as an affiliate marketer?"

If this describes you, this issue of the gazette is a must-read. Affiliate marketing is one of the quickest methods to generate cash flow on the web today. In the following tutorial you'll uncover the secrets to generating serious affiliate income.

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Affiliate marketing is popular because it allows people to earn online, without having to spend time or money researching and developing a new product. All of this has been done for you by the product owner.

This is a tremendous burden lifted off your shoulders because this is usually the most costly aspect of any business venture.

(A word of caution though, you should still do a little research yourself as to whether the market wants the product you are looking to promote, and whether the price point is fair and reasonable enough to attract a big audience.)

Once you've decided on a product and found an affiliate program that pays generous commissions, it's time to put together your affiliate marketing plan.

Pay close attention now, because this is where 95% of people get it completely wrong...

Most affiliates sign up into a program then immediately look for ways to promote their affiliate links. By doing this they are skipping a CRUCIAL step -- a step that is REQUIRED if you plan to have ANY level of success...

...setting up a CAPTURE page.

A capture page is simply a one-page "pre-sales letter" that entices the prospect to leave their name and email address in order to receive more information on the product or service they are researching.

Why is this step so critical?

Simple. When done correctly, it accomplishes three extremely important objectives...

1. It automatically builds an opt-in list for you.
2. It builds "relationships" with future buyers.
3. It cross-promotes other related affiliate products and services.

I know what you're thinking... gosh, I have to do ALL THAT in order to succeed as an affiliate marketer?

Well, not really. You see, all you really have to do is set up a web page and an autoresponder. You do it ONCE for each product you want to promote, and it does all that work for you, over and over and over.

Here's a list of what you need to get started...

1. The first thing you need when setting up a capture page is a domain name and web hosting account. These are very inexpensive these days and are a must for anyone who is serious about doing business online -- even affiliate marketers.

2. Next, you need an autoresponder service that can send personalized email messages and follow-up with prospects at pre-determined intervals.

3. You'll need a simple website template such as the designs my friend David Jardine gives away.

4. You'll need a basic web design program, sothink or nvu.

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Once you have those four items at your disposal, the final ingredient you'll need is a little copy writing skill. Remember, your plan is to put up one simple web page for each product or service you want to promote. It's job will be to pre-sell the affiliate product and "capture" the contact information of your prospect. (The word capture sounds sneaky, but there is nothing underhanded about this strategy. The prospect actually enters their information voluntarily.)

Here's how to decide what to write on your web page...

Go to the sales page of the product or service you'll be promoting as an affiliate. Pick out the highlights, the biggest benefits you can see offered. Think about what other benefits there are that may not be stated already and jot them down.

Now open your website editor program and open the index.html page of your template site. You're simply putting together a friendly-style sales page using a good headline, subhead and bullet points listing all the benefits you gathered.

Keep it short and to the point. 200 - 500 words is usually enough. Try to keep it informative and void of hype. For example, instead of writing "This amazing tool is so powerful, blah, blah blah," write like this... "Did you know that there is a tool that can save you the 2 hours it normally takes to do x? What would you do with 2 extra hours a day?"

At the end of your enticing message, paste the email capture form generated from your autoresponder. Let your prospect know that by leaving their name and email address you will reveal this highly coveted tool, piece of information, service or whatever it is you have and they so desperately want. (It never hurts to throw in an added bonus such as help and advice any time they need it!)

Note: Do not mention the name of the product or service on the capture page, just the benefits. The reason for this is because they may have seen this product or service before and were sitting on the fence about it and you want the prospect to purchase through your link. You are going to nudge them over the fence with your presentation.

All you are trying to do is build interest, pique their curiosity and whet their appetite for more information.

Now let's get to the last step, which is one that many marketers do not take the time to implement. Remember the autoresponder we talked about? Here's how to set it up for peak efficiency...

When people sign up at your site they should immediately receive and email message that tells them where to get the details they were looking for. When they receive that email they will be confirming their opt-in by clicking a link that your autoresponder account generated. This is called double opt-in. In order to get them to confirm, you should give them another gift or two. Over-delivering is a key to generating action.

In that first email message, tell them that they will be receiving an occasional email from you and that they can unsubscribe from these messages anytime they want. But tell them they would really be missing out if they do that. That's because every 4 or 5 days or so for a few months you will be sharing some important information with them.

Now get to work writing a series of pre-written email messages. In your messages you can talk about the product they asked about as well as related products and service. But don't make every message a marketing message. Every once in a while blend in a helpful tutorial on the subject they were interested in.

For instance, if your affiliate niche is say, automobiles and they asked about a way to save on car insurance, send them a tutorial on car buying or leasing secrets.

Every once in a while send a message that simply asks them if they need any questions answered. Then try your best to help them when they ask.

While repetition is an important factor in the strategy you've just implemented, building relationships is far more beneficial than trying to sell over and over. I've found that it's the BLEND of the two that make this strategy so powerful.

Before you know it you'll have a large opt-in list(s) that you can broadcast special email messages to. This means you'll be able to tell thousands of people every time you find a product or service that can help them. (Through your affiliate link of course!) And if you've built your relationships properly, those broadcasts can skyrocket your yearly income.

And THAT folks, is how affiliate income blossoms into LONG-TERM income.

So whether you're brand new to affiliate marketing or you've tried it and not had much success, read this issue over and over until you've implemented each step. Before you know it you'll have a significant income building strategy in place

That's it for today's gazette. See you in a couple weeks.

To your success,
Jim Daniels
JDD Publishing Co.

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