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In today's issue...

"Jim's 2007 Top 4 Income-Producing Affiliate Programs"

Once a year I like to share with my subscribers, my top-producing affiliate programs and the earnings they yield. If your niche is helping web businesses succeed, these may be a good fit for you. If not, see the tip at the end of this issue.

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Before I share my top affiliate programs and the actual earnings they are producing, I must make one thing clear...

Affiliate marketing is not my bread and butter.

My main business is helping people start and grow a business online. So most of my income comes from my Special Report, my consulting package and my ezWebBusinessBuilder software.

Why am I throwing out this disclaimer?

Because there are plenty of affiliate marketers who earn far more than I do -- especially full-time affiliate marketers. However, for the small amount of effort I put into these affiliate programs, I consider the results (some $80k a year) more than adequate.

That's why affiliate marketing is the top strategy I use to supplement my online earnings. And I believe that affiliate programs can and SHOULD be used by anyone looking to supplement their income. After all, there are affiliate programs available for just about ANY niche.

So whether you are a part-time affiliate marketer like me, or a full-timer, you may want to add one or all of the following programs to your repertoire.

Also remember, that these earnings are not typical. I've been at this for a while and I've perfected some strategies that generate affiliate income. Not everyone reading this newsletter will generate numbers like these, even from these exact programs. As always, the actual earnings each affiliate produces are dependent on many factors, especially the effort they put forth.

OK, let's get to this year's list...

1. ThirdSphere

The site offers a unique all-in-one web hosting service for small business owners -- something no other host I know of offers. Thirdsphere combines just about every web business software tool necessary, into one web hosting package. And they offer it for the mere price of $24.95 per month.

With their suite of tools you can perform every task needed to make your business a success. This includes building an opt-in list, following up with prospects and customers, taking secure orders and even starting your own affiliate program.

As an affiliate you earn an impressive $10 per sale. My ThirdSphere affiliate site income has steadily climbed to more than $2,100 a month in residual income. Not too shabby for recommending one of the web's best hosting solutions.

2. AffiliateClassroom

Affiliate marketing takes experience and know-how. This is a training classroom that provides both. It's one of the few affiliate marketing resources I recommend. In fact, I've sent literally hundreds of new students to the site, resulting in a nice $1,600 a month residual income on average.

If you wan to help affiliates succeed, this is a great place to send them. You'll earn a nice finders fee for each student you send. Plus, the site just went through a complete overhaul offering even more value to members. Highly recommended!

(More after this important message.)

A Special From the Editor:

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“I really can’t recommend this resource enough!”

3. TrafficSwarm

TrafficSwarm is a traffic building network. As a Pro member I earn commissions from other members I refer to the service. I find this service easy to recommend since it sends literally thousands of qualified website visitors to my sites every month.

In fact, the TRAFFIC is the main reason I am a member of TrafficSwarm. The affiliate commissions are just the gravy on top. TrafficSwarm now earns me an average of $1000 per month in residual income.

So whether you need more website traffic or you want to open up a new income stream, I highly you grab a Pro TrafficSwarm account!


4. WebBusinessWizard

This is the shopping cart / lead follow-up / subscriber management / affiliate program management tool I use to run my business. It is a private label version of the widely used system and it is a workhorse.

I can safely say that without this web-based service my business would be nowhere near as successful as it is today.

Not only does it run my business it pays me an average of $1000 a month in residual commissions. That's because I recommend it to my customers and subscribers. You can also join the affiliate program at that URL above and earn residual commissions by telling people about this great business automation solution.

5-10. I'd like to mention a few other companies/marketers that have paid me quite a bit of money this year. You can't go wrong with affiliate programs from Mike Filsaime, Matthew Glanfield, Bryan Winters, Leo Quinn, Jeremy Gislason and David Jardine.

Tip of the Week: Did you notice a trend in this affiliate earnings report?

I hope so.

The trend was residual income. It simply cannot be beat. If you're not already promoting a few programs that pay residual income, I suggest you start soon. Once you have a few residual income sources in place you never have to worry about slow sales periods.

(Next month I'll be rolling out a new web 2.0 service that will allow you to earn serious residual income. Stay tuned to the gazette for updates and an early-in invitation.)

But the real key tip to affiliate marketing success is not just promoting residual programs, it is sticking to your niche. All products and services you promote need to be at least somewhat related to the main theme of your website.

In other words, unless your niche is online marketing, the affiliate programs you just read about may NOT be good choices for you.

So where do you find products and services related to your niche? That's easy. Let's say you have a health and beauty related website. You can find affiliate programs for that niche as well as just about any niche at AffiliateShowcase, by entering your niche into this search box...

That's it for today's gazette. I hope you found some helpful information to guide you along your quest to make money online!

See ya in a few weeks...
Jim Daniels - JDD Publishing Co.

P.S. Before you spend ANY money on your new Internet business, grab a copy of my special work at home report -- it shoes you each step you need to take .

P.S.S. I'll even let you bypass the $97 order form. Just use the Gold Key at the site and it will bring you right to the download area.


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