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Freelance Local Web Designers Are Cleaning Up
by Jim Daniels

Every small business nowadays needs a website, even mom and pop businesses. Yet most small businesses, especially new businesses have no idea how to get an effective website up. They either grossly overpay, or spend countless hours trying to do it themselves.

It's no wonder that thousands of local web designers are raking in money hand over fist helping these small businesses. Today I'll show you how to get your share of this money, even if you know nothing about web design.

Your local classified newspaper is filled with gems. Your local craigslist business services listings are a gold mine. There are literally hundreds of small businesses trying to get clients and paying money to advertise. But a surprisingly high number of them they lack a website.

That's where the local freelance web designer comes in. The swoop in and do these businesses a HUGE favor. They email them or mail them a letter that reads something like this...

Dear Name,

I saw your ad for THEIR SERVICE in AD LOCATION and noticed you did not have a website yet. I am a local freelancer that specializes in building websites quickly and inexpensively. 

These days, if you want your business to be taken seriously, you absolutely must have a professional, mobile ready website. I can put up a complete, custom site for you in one day. Here is what your site would look like:

These sites regularly sell for $1,000 but this month I'm doing them for just $297 complete. I'll even host the site for you for free for a year, saving you $25 a month. Plus, to save you time and headaches, I'll make changes whenever you need to. (That's $300 in website hosting and maintenance -- it's like getting your site designed for free!)

Please get back to me if you're interested. I contacted a few others in your niche but will only work with the first one to get back to me. All I'd need from you is a brochure or business card to get started. If you don't like the site I build for you, you don't pay a dime. 

Sincerely, NAME

OK, now what about actually doing the design work. What if you are not a designer?

No problem...

Using the "fill in the blanks" local site web design tool I'll share with you in a minute, you could easily do a dozen sites or more per week in your spare time. But let's be super conservative and say you only get just two clients per week.

You'd be making about six hundred bucks a week PLUS when you get to 100 clients paying you $25 a month for hosting / maintaining their site, that's a cool $2500 a month in residual income on top! 

After this quick sponsor message, I'll show you how simple it is to put that site up for your new clients...

List Monster

So You Don't Know Much Or Anything About Web Design? That's OK.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about WordPress in this newsletter more than once. It's a web design / content management system that makes setting up websites easy.

But it just got a lot easier.

Local website designers now have a secret weapon in their corner. 

It's called Local Theme Jack.

Local Theme Jack actually has pre-built sites in multiple local niches. All you do is add in your client's name, address, etc. and press a button. You can also add in as many details as they want about their services. You can add their pictures and youtube video if they want, and you're done.

The sites are SEO enabled, Mobile Friendly and are lead building machines for your clients. They'll love you! 

Actually, why am I telling you all about this tool when I could just be showing you. Watch this video to see Local Theme Jack in action...

Maybe this is something you don't want to do yourself, but you know someone who may want to try it. 

It's a great plan for a son or daughter who's looking for something more than minimum wage working at a fast food restaurant. After all, there's nothing like being self-employed and working your own hours.

If you know anyone who may want to try their hand at local web design, send them to this page today and tell them about Local Theme Jack. It's the best darn WordPress Theme I've seen in years!


To your success,
Jim Daniels

P.S. In my program I explain the 10 ways I make money from the Internet including info-product marketing, licensing, affiliate marketing and more!

If you don't have this package in your arsenal, get it today at discount. (1000 other smart marketers have it, and you may be competing against them!)

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