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An Insider's Facebook Affiliate Marketing Strategy...
by Jim Daniels

Today I want to show you an inside view of how a very clever affiliate marketer is kiling it with Facebook. This is top secret stuff, so pay close attention.


Quick question…

Which would you trust more?

A random link or advertisement shown on the Internet...

Or a page, post or advertisement with thousands of Facebook likes, shares and positive comments?

Which link sounds the most legitimate? Which link do you think is more likely to be clicked?

The simple fact is, you're much more likely to buy something if your friend recommends it.

Facebook knows this, and so does Google.

In fact, recently Google decided to turn everyone’s online endorsements into advertisements, unless you opt out.

That’s right – your Google Plus profile image can be shown alongside
advertisements for other products without you even knowing!

Facebook does similar things, letting you know which of your friends clicked like on certain pages and posts. Facebook recently adjusted their global privacy policies to prevent people from being invisible. When you search for someone, you will find them now.

Youtube is actively forcing people to use their real name, so actual people are tied to their comments, testimonials and negative remarks.

Facebook also allows Fanpage owners to embed entire posts and conversations into the very fabric of the internet, basically adding an entire layer of social proof to the existing world wide web.

Why are companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google doing this?

Well,at the most simple level ... they understand the power of social proof.
They know the power of peer pressure, and crowd mentality. They facilitate and accelerate viral activity online, and this is the future of online marketing.

This type of change is having a dramatic effect on affiliate marketing too.  Affiliate marketing can actually be far more profitable with abundant social proof.

Instead of remaining anonymous, and linking from a PPC advertisement, direct to a vendor, you can also now add a layer of social proof to this information transaction.

As you know, affiliate marketing is all about connecting buyers to sellers, to earn a commission. There are various levels of commitment to this idea, and I have always felt that building a list, building a website and building products is the best long-term strategy to build a stronger relationship with buyers.

But now I believe there is an even easier way to earn commissions, connecting buyers to sellers, and it's turbo-charged by social proof, and has the capacity to generate hundreds of thousands of free, organic visitors.

In many ways, it still involves direct linking from a low cost PPC advertisement to a post with a redirect link ... but a valuable layer of social proof is added, that can dramatically increase your chances of earning an affiliate commission.

The process involves a Facebook Fanpage, the development of social trust, and plenty of low cost, internal clicks, likes and shares. It's about using external and internal PPC engines to drive traffic, and multiply social proof.

This interaction, feedback, the testimonials, likes and shares ... creates an
environment for you to share multiple personal affiliate links, supported by social proof.

And this allows you to connect more buyers to sellers, and earn much more commission.

Sure – you can stay quiet, hiding behind the scenes, direct linking and making money ... but imagine if you had hundreds of people endorsing your recommendations? Thousands of likes and shares? That’s a true game changer!

So how does it work, from a technical perspective?

First, you need a Facebook Fanpage.

Fanpages are free, and Facebook provides the hosting (even video hosting!). You can share links effortlessly, publish photos, make comments, interact with potential  buyers and sellers and much more.

Facebook is a miracle publishing platform for affiliates.

Hundreds of millions of pieces of information are being shared every day –
and as affiliates, we just need to connect the buyers to the sellers. Sharing is caring – and it can also be very profitable!

But who wants to listen to you? Why should they trust you?

As a little known affiliate – you need to develop a reputation. Build trust, gain the respect of your fans – and that requires exposure. You need a surefire way to get low cost, social proof.

Luckily, Facebook is ready to help you!

Most people would agree, that a Fanpage or Facebook post with 20,000 likes, is far more persuasive than a Fanpage with 34 likes.

It’s hard to fake that sort of endorsement, and with the FTC cracking down on testimonials and sham sellers – social proof has never been more important.

Attaching comments, likes and shares to your affiliate link, is super effective, and far more persuasive than a silent middleman direct link.

To build this trust, you need three things:

1. Traffic.
2. A killer offer that generates interaction.
3. Supporting content that can help your affiliate links go viral.

Today, I'm going to give you an overview of this combination, so let's start with traffic.

At the most basic level, PPC traffic is still the most affordable and predictable way to connect buyers to sellers.

This applies to relationship building as well, and low cost traffic can be purchased and driven to a single post that endorses a seller's product, through your affiliate link.

The best form of traffic is Facebook's own internally directed PPC traffic to Fanpages and posts. This costs the least, but produces the best results. I also think Bing is a great source of traffic, and other external search engines can also be used, including Google Adwords.

There are several ways to advertise your Fanpage, or post using Facebook's own advertising system. There is a selection of bidding strategies, and advanced marketers have started using custom audiences and oCPM based bidding.

However, traditional CPC and CPM are also excellent ways to drive
traffic to your page or post.

I believe there are 3 stages in Fanpage and Facebook based Affiliate Marketing. I'll share that with you right after you check out this sponsor message...

Stage one involves the development of a post, or an entire Fanpage based around a concept you want to promote. Remember, this is all about connecting buyers to sellers, and you need to make that job as easy as possible.

To start with, I would think about the problem the buyer is faced with. What issue are they trying to solve? If they want to buy a new golf driver, their problem might be a lack of distance at the tee, or on the driving range.
If they want to lose weight, they may not know how ... so your post, or  entire Fanpage needs to address the reason they are searching for products in the first place.

I like to build my posts and pages based around problems, and I attempt to help visitors solve them -- by recommending products, and asking other people to endorse and support my recommendations.

Once you have a post, with interesting content, then it's a matter of promoting it to the right audience. You will need to decide who should see the post. Obviously, anyone interested in hitting a longer drive on the golf course is likely a golfer. So, that's whom you should target your post or Fanpage towards.

You will need to identify similar Fanpages, and precise interests that appeal to golfers. There are specific brands and publications, websites and Fanpages that are designed especially for golfers, and you can ask Facebook to show your advertisements to this particular audience.

Facebook will charge you on a per click basis, if you choose the CPC based bidding strategy. This is not my recommendation, unless you have a strict budget, and must control the exact amount you are spending every day – literally to the penny.

CPC is the lazy approach and costs tend to be higher, and as affiliates – we need to drive our advertising costs down, so we earn more in terms of our profit. CPM can become very profitable, if done correctly. You can promote your Facebook post, or Fanpage to a huge audience, and you pay per 1,000 impressions. 

If you spend some time and develop a highly targeted audience and a well designed advertisement, then you can get clicks on your advertisements for as little as half a cent. You don't pay for those clicks – instead, you pay for the total impressions of your advertisement.

However, by far the most successful way to build a Fanpage is to concentrate on your total number of likes. As a Fanpage or post receives more likes, the level of trust associated with it also increases. This is called social proof, and the more likes and shares content has, the more people are inclined to respect and trust the information.

As someone who connects buyers to sellers – this is critically important.
For example, if you write a review about a popular product, and post this review on Facebook ... then a few people may be interested. But, if you run targeted advertising to your review and concentrate on gathering likes and shares – then the post will start to develop an element of social proof.

When new people find the post for the first time, they are much more likely to click your affiliate link, and purchase – because other Facebook users have endorsed your recommendation, with likes, shares and positive comments.

At the most basic level ... imagine you purchase $200 worth of advertising, that results in thousands of likes, shares and comments. This may seem like a lot of money, but imagine if that one post, or Fanpage generated thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions?

The exciting thing is ... the post continues to exist. It will continue to be shared and liked, and you will continue earning money over time. Once you spend the initial time, money and energy into a post or Fanpage, it snowballs. It becomes the gift that keeps giving.

But the entire strategy, is based on trust and viral activity.

So – how do you get started, and more importantly – how do you get likes?
Well, Facebook does not strictly offer an option to purchase likes, but with some clever advertising, we can develop a strategy to pay, upon receiving a Facebook like.

This is critically important ... because, instead of paying per click (CPC), or via impressions (CPM) – Facebook instead, optimizes our advertising campaigns, and attempts to deliver likes at a certain price point that WE decide upon.

Facebook refers to these likes, as actions, and the delivery of this form of advertising is only available through the Facebook Power Editor and official Google Chrome plugin, that offers extra flexibility and a diverse range of advertising options.

As affiliates we need social proof to turbocharge our recommendations, and by creating an advertisement, and selecting the oCPM based bidding model, we can tell Facebook how much we are prepared to pay, per like.
This is a true game changer ... because it basically means we are buying TRUST and social proof.

As affiliates – this is tremendously important, because one of the main reasons buyers fail to buy through our links ... is skepticism. If you can buy trust, one Facebook like at a time, you will earn more commissions, because more buyers will trust your recommendations.

A post or Fanpage with 100,000 likes is certainly more trustworthy, than a page with 50 likes. And, with oCPM based bidding, we can define an action target, and Facebook will do everything it can to meet our needs.

For example, we could ask Facebook to deliver likes in the golf industry, at say 5 cents per like. Facebook will run our advertisements to the widest possible audience, taking into consideration their personal interests, their history, what their friends like, how often they click, and how interactive they become specifically in the golf world.

With all this in mind, Facebook will show our ads to the correct people, and with such a large ad inventory, Facebook can deliver a certain number of visitors to our page or post, and from that number – a certain number of those visitors will click like on our page or post. And a certain number of those visitors will click through our affiliate links and purchase the products we’re promoting, earning us commissions.

The math and percentages may be complex, but Facebook has an extraordinary ability to deliver likes, to any page – and this means we can effectively buy social proof.

I can't tell you how important this is as an affiliate. 

We are no longer a silent direct linking affiliate. Instead, we can post a review, an image, a video or a quick description of an affiliate product, and then direct link to the sales page.

By driving thousands of visitors to our offer, a certain percentage will click like, share or comment. The total number of people who click through, into our offer may be lower than we expect, but they are FAR MORE LIKELY TO BUY. This is the key. This social proof adds up over time, and can become a ringing endorsement for any content published on Facebook. This makes it so much easier to convince people to purchase a product through your affiliate link.

However, the most exciting part of this strategy is the viral effect. If you publish a post or Fanpage, and purchase traffic that endorses your recommendations – then your post can go viral. The paid traffic will increase the amount of likes, shares and comments, and these have a ripple effect across Facebook.

Your content will start to appear in other people's newsfeeds, shared and liked across Facebook – for FREE. The initial investment in this strategy can pay for itself many times over.

A single post, that costs $20 to promote, may end up being seen by hundreds of thousands of additional Facebook users, at NO COST TO YOU! That's the viral effect and the advantage of social proof. Can you imagine, if one of your posts or your Fanpage went viral? Imagine how many affiliate sales this can produce!

It’s hard to imagine but there are guys on Facebook who are earning thousands of dollars a day from sales related to posts of theirs that went viral. So, consider this in terms of your own advertising efforts. If you’re struggling to connect buyers to sellers, through Bing, Google or Facebook-- then perhaps you need social proof?

It may become instantly profitable, if you just have a few dozen people endorsing your recommendation, instead of staying hidden as the silent affiliate.

For more advanced training and a killer content system that makes this entire process so much easier, please watch this video that my new friend Chris Carpenter created for you that shows you this exciting new strategy in action. You can also get there by clicking the play button in the banner below.

To your success,
Jim Daniels

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